CMP-300 Custom Pumper


  • Spartan MetroStar-X, Medium Four Door (MFD)
  • 380 hp Cummins Engine
  • 18,000 lb. Front Axle
  • 24,000 lb. Rear Axle
  • 10″ Raised Roof
  • Six Seating Positions


  • High Side/ High Side Rescue Body(Lifetime Warranty)
  • Polymer Construction,lighter than aluminum and stainless steel, so you can carry more equipment
  • Corrosion Resistant, not affected by salt or other chemical agents used by road crews to treat icy roads
  • 1000 Gallon Integrated Water Tank (Lifetime Warranty),  increases compartment space and lowers the center of gravity by eliminating the void between the water tank and the apparatus body.
  • O.M. Roll-Up Doors, Satin Finish Standard
  • Internal Ladder, Suction,Hose, & Pike Pole Storage,keeps equipment protected from the elements
  • Hosebed with Divider, and Vinyl Cover
  • Whelen LED Lighting Package
  • Whelen Siren Package
  • O.M. V3 LED Compartment Strip Lights


  • Darley PSM 1250 GPM (Standard) The compact design of the PSM means a lighter weight and smaller pump compartment, thus making more valuable space available on the truck.
  • Six Year Warranty
  • Side Mount Pump Module, Stainless Steel & Vinyl-Covered Aluminum pump panel available.
  • Dunnage Area
  • Stainless Steel Plumbing, 10 year warranty
  • Two 6″ Inlets
  • Two 1-3/4″ Pre-Connected Crosslays
  • One 2-1/2″ Left Side Auxillary Suction Inlet
  • Numerous Discharge Configurations

Chassis Options

  • Spartan MetroStar-X (Standard)
  • Spartan MetroStar
  • Spartan Gladiator

Pump Options

  • Darley (Standard), Six Year Warranty
  • Hale, Five Year Warranty
  • Waterous, Five Year Warranty
  • Midship Pumps 750-2000 gpm
  • PTO Pumps 750- 1250 gpm
  • 1000 GPM- 2000 GPM
  • Sidemount or Top Controls
  • Speedlays
  • Front/ Rear Intakes
  • Class A & Class B Foam Systems

Body Options

  • Poly (Standard), Lifetime Warranty
  • Aluminum, 10 Year Warranty
  • Multiple Body Lengths Available
  • High Side/ Low Side Compartment Configurations
  • Coffin Boxes
  • Slide-Out/ Tip Down Trays, Slide or Swing out Tool Boards
  • Customizable Wheel Well Provisions
  • Various Ladder Storage Options

Tank Options

  • 500- 1500 gallon Poly Tanks 
  • 5- 50 gallon Integrated Poly Foam Cells

Electrical Options

  • Standard 12V or Multiplex Electrical Systems
  • Whelen (Standard), Code-3, Weldon, Federal Signal, or Power Arc Warning Packages
  • Numerous styles of Scene Lighting, LED, Quartz or Halogen.
  • Gas, Diesel, PTO, and Hydraulic Generator Options
  • Command Light and Will-Burt Light Towers

Please contact our sales department for information on more options.

Trucks pictured may contain options

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